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Bar 101


This is an age old question that we all in the catering world have been presented with. The first step is to acknowledge the guest count between adults and anyone under 21. Asking the client the right questions is a great key to solving this mystery.

Questions we’d recommend:
Do you have heavy drinkers?
BarIf the answer is more towards a larger number of n/a drinkers increase the amount of soda and water ordered. Heavy drinkers, stock up on popular iteBarms such as vodka, rum, and whiskey.
What alcohols/drinks are you wanting to offer?
If only beer is free to guests stock up more on thBaris and less on the hard alcohols; guests tend to drink whatever is complimentary to them.
As a good rule of thumb, estimate that guests will have 2-3 drinks during the first hour (cocktails) and about 1 drink per person per hour after that. Keep the options limited! You are not a full functioning bar so you don’t need to have 3 different brands of rum or whiskey out. Stick to the basics- a rail and a top shelf option.
In regards to kegs – offer 1 specialty/craft option and 1 domestic option. This will make your life easier when stocking the event as well as running it. If the client offers 4 different types they will run out very quickly causing your staff to have to change the barrels frequently. By offering only 2 options they can increase the quantity of each instead.

1 Bottle of Wine = 5 glasses
Standard Keg = 165 glasses
750ml Bottle of Liquor = 16-22 drinks (at 1-1.5oz per drink)

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Event Trends

Trends have been something we have all come accustom to season after season. Being on top of the current ones will help you stay on trend which in turn will keep profits coming in the door.
The Dress
Boho and Dynamic Dress Designs - Imagine cream and blue hued dresses as well as off the shoulder styles and stunning v-necks.

Buttercream is in, fondant is out. Naked cakes are huge right now with no frosting on the outside.
Wedding cakes themselves are being replaced with alternative dessert options such as cobblers, pies, and cookies.
Boho, Back to Nature, Cocktail, and Simple Elegance are in this and next season. Think lots of mercury, lace, wood elements, and greenery in décor. Traditional seated receptions are a thing of the past by being replaced with mingling cocktail parties focusing more on finger foods and fun drinks instead of plated meals. Photos are gearing towards more natural poses vs. posed in perfect order.  

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